Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair & Installation

If you manage a restaurant, hotel kitchen, or school cafeteria in East Texas and need reliable and affordable repair service, Advanced Appliance Repair is here to help. We provide professional installations, repairs on Ice machines, hot side equipment, cold side equipment, laundromat washer/extractor dryers, and preventative maintenance on your restaurant appliances. Below are some of the primary services we offer to local restaurants in East Texas.


Downed equipment can equal lost money and customers, maybe even food poisoning. If you’re having trouble with an appliance–whether it has stopped working completely or it’s just not performing like it used to–Advanced Appliance Repair should be your first call.


Our commercial kitchen equipment installation services benefit from our vast knowledge of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries.


Preventive maintenance lowers your repair costs and cuts unplanned downtime – this maintenance can include descaling, condenser cleaning, and more. Contact us to discuss a custom program to suit your needs.

Ice Machine Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Commercial ice machines offer the ultimate convenience for your customers. Because ice is our specialty, our knowledgeable technicians are experts with all brands and styles of ice equipment. We can fix most kinds of ice machines, including full cube, half cube, nugget, flake, and specialty.

Oven, Stove, & Range Repair

If your oven, stove, or range isn’t functioning correctly, the result can include unsatisfied customers due to under- or over-cooked food, health risks, or even more significant and costly repairs if the problem persists. The team at Advanced Appliance Repair can get your stove running optimally again quickly. We understand that your equipment is your revenue. That’s why we provide speedy and professional repair service for all hot and cold side equipment. We also offer affordable preventative maintenance plans on all restaurant equipment in East Texas, which can save you money and frustration in the long run.

Commercial Coolers

If your commercial cooler has stopped working, you need to schedule emergency service to avoid spoiling your food, thereby causing potential health risks. Advanced Appliance Repair will come to your restaurant or East Texas commercial kitchen and get your cooler working again ASAP. We also recommend signing up for our preventative maintenance plan to fix your cooler and other refrigeration equipment before they break.


In East Texas, we love fried food. Most restaurants use a fryer for at least some of their menu items, including chicken, fish, french fries, and much more. Whether your commercial fryer shows an incorrect temperature, its burner is faulty, or its pilot light keeps going out, Advanced Appliance Repair can handle any issue you have. We’ll get your equipment firing up and making delicious food again fast. Because a cook is only as good as his or her equipment.

Grill Repair

If your grill produces a lot of smoke, heats unevenly, or has a low flame, you need to schedule repair service with one of the specialists at Advanced Appliance Repair. Our service technicians can diagnose your grill’s symptoms and give you like-new performance again quickly. Whether your grill requires new parts or a quick fix, Advanced Appliance Repair can handle it.

Steam Table & Warmer Repair

Steam tables and warmers are used throughout the kitchen and hospitality industry to keep food warm, fresh, and tasty for guests. If you run a pizza shop, hotel cafeteria, buffet, or any other type of commercial kitchen, your warmer and steam table is a vital part of your operation. If your restaurant has a faulty warmer or steam table, give Advance Appliance Repair a call to get a no-obligation quote and schedule professional service. Be sure to ask us about our affordable kitchen maintenance plans as well.

Commercial Microwave Repair

Commercial microwaves are a staple item for cafes, fast-food restaurants, and even casual-dining restaurants. An excellent microwave will speed up the heating process, keep the food tasting fresh, and even save you money on your power bill. If your commercial microwave is malfunctioning or having problems, don’t just make due and delay scheduling a service call. Advanced Appliance Repair can get your restaurant microwave functioning at maximum capacity again quickly.

Washer & Dryer Repair

If you need major repair, replacement parts, or general maintenance on your commercial washer or dryer, Advanced Appliance Repair is happy to take care of you and get your equipment back in service. We provide affordable emergency service and no-strings competitive estimates. We are happy to work around your schedule and provide excellent service at your convenience. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable service technician today and schedule your repair.

Food Prep Table Repair

Prep tables are used to prepare artisan pizzas, tasty sandwiches, healthy salads, and much more. If the commercial prep table at your restaurant is leaking water, isn’t cold enough, or the doors won’t close all the way, help is just a phone call away. Advanced Appliance Repair can send one of our professional service technicians to fix your prep table and get you serving your customers again before lunchtime.

Refrigeration Equipment

Advanced Appliance Repair is one of the only repair companies in East Texas with extensive experience in refrigeration. Local restaurants recruit our help because we offer all their needed hot and cold side equipment services under one roof, including refrigeration. If you have any refrigeration problems with any of your commercial restaurant equipment, call us today and will get your equipment running at optimal capacity fast.

And More!

We proudly service all hot and cold side commercial restaurant equipment in East Texas. If your restaurant equipment needs maintenance, there’s only one number you need to call. Let Advanced Appliance Repair get your kitchen firing up again today.


Pittco, True, Garland, Vulcan-Hart, Hoshizaki, American Range, Frymaster, Scotsman, Manitowoc, Accu-Temp, …And More!

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