Residential Appliance Repair

We service all of the major appliance brands listed below and many others for all your residential needs. Advanced Appliance Repair has extensive experience in high and low-end appliances of various makes and models. We provide expert home appliance repair services throughout East Texas and all surrounding communities. We are willing to travel nearly anywhere our customers need us!


Dishwasher Repair

If you’ve ever had to be the dishwasher in your family, spending an hour or two cleaning dinnerware just to get them dirty again gives you much appreciation for this convenient appliance. At Advanced Appliance Repair, we value your time too much to let you wash the dishes by hand every evening. We will diagnose your dishwasher, make any necessary repairs, and get your appliance up and running again in no time. Because you deserve the night off.

Refrigerator Repair

Few things are as frustrating as a warm refrigerator. When your fridge goes out, you need service ASAP. Advanced Appliance Repair offers emergency service to keep your food and your temper cool. Give us a call, and we will provide exceptional home appliance repair to your refrigerator, freezer, and any other appliance you need serviced.

Microwave Repair

When you are busy or have had a long day, your microwave can be a lifesaver. Why cook for an hour when you can do it in five minutes? If your microwave has gone out or isn’t warming up your food as quickly as it used to, Advanced Appliance Repair can help. No matter how minor or major the repair, we can get your microwave running optimally again.

Washer & Dryer Repair

If your washer isn’t handling large loads like it used to or your dryer requires several cycles to dry your clothes, call Advanced Appliance Repair. From quick and simple tune-ups to part replacements, we can do it all with a fast turnaround and an affordable price.

Oven, Stove, Range Repair

Whether your gas light isn’t coming on or your family’s secret recipe just doesn’t taste like it used to, it may be time to get your oven, stove, or range checked. Our team of home appliance repair experts can meet you at a time most convenient for you and get your oven cooking your favorite meals like grandma used to.

And More!

We are your full-service, factory certified company for all home appliance repair needs. No matter the problem, Advanced Appliance Repair is here to help. We’ll make your equipment run like new.

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